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Shaping Lives
and Shifting Culture

Alex Sezer is a Keynote Speaker and Culture Catalyst inspiring people and organizations around the world. 

Must Watch!!!




Alex serves both educators and students. He delivers keynotes for convocations about the importance & impact of education. Alex helps educators go from going through the motions to being on a mission. When speaking to students, Alex inspires them to excel in all they do. He positions himself as their GPS to give them directions to greatness. If your students or staff need the inspiration to push through adversity, Alex is your guy!


Alex believes that the results we experience are byproducts of organizational culture. During his keynotes and training sessions, he shows organizations how to improve their outcomes by strategically designing their culture. Alex's pillars of creating culture are vision, purpose, core values, mission, branding, team building, and authenticity. There is more information on his courses page.

Religious Organizations

Alex has been powerfully delivering the Gospel for over a decade. He's had the pleasure of speaking at many Fields of Faith for FCA, youth conferences, sports camps, chapel services for D1 athletic programs, and pulpits on Sunday mornings.


If you want to take your team's performance to another level, look no further. Alex has proven he knows what it takes for teams and individuals to excel. Drawing from his experience and success as a student-athlete, Alex shows others how to have success academically, athletically, and professionally.

Alex Sezer - Culture Catalyst & Keynote Speaker

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