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Alex Sezer

Faith and Family

Alex is first and foremost a man of faith. Everything in his life stems from his relationship with Christ. He is the husband of his lovely wife, Dayja, and a soon-to-be father to their daughter, Aubree. He keeps a close relationship with his parents and family.

Alex Sezer Entrepreneur


Alex was the president of multiple companies in his early 20s. He scaled his real estate acquisitions company, Sezer Enterprises, to 340 units while being the president of Twin City Properties Management with $75 million in assets under management


Keynote Speaker & Coach

Alex travels the globe speaking to students, educators, coaches, churches, and corporations. He is a catalyst that changes the places and people he is blessed to serve.

Alex Sezer Texas A&M University Former Student-Athlete

Former Student-Athlete

Alex graduated magna cum laude from the Texas A&M engineering college. During his time as a student-athlete, Alex received the following honors- Team Captain, Aggie Heart, Distinguished Letterman, All-SEC Academian, Bill Erwin Scholar, Special Teams MVP, AD Honor Roll, and FCA Athlete of the Year.

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